This introduction to the usage of the program ATENA 2D and it is specifically targeted to ATENA 2D beginners. This tutorial contains a step by step explanation how to perform a non-linear analysis on an example problem of a reinforced beam without smeared reinforcement. The geometrical and material properties correspond to the experimental setup by Leonhard in 1962. More details about the problem or experiment can be also obtained from the original report [5] or from the program developer or distributor.

The step by step demonstration is performed on an example of simply supported beam, which is loaded by two loads. The problem is symmetric around its vertical axis, therefore, only one symmetric half of the beam will be analyzed.

The steps necessary for the data preparation, non-linear analysis and post-processing are depicted on subsequent figures, which show the computer screen for each step and user action. There is always also a short description for each figure. In the post-processing stage only some basic post-processing methods are described. ATENA offers many options for viewing results from FE non-linear analysis. These options can be easily accessed from the post-processing window by self-explanatory buttons and toolbars. For more details, it is recommended to consult the ATENA 2D user’s manual or the hotline desk at the program distributor or developer.

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