In 2013, TCPIL built the team as a value-added application software distribution team specializing and well trained to handle high end technology verticals and became the leading Value-Added Distribution house in India for marketing & distributing technology products.
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FORUM8’s flagship product, Engineer’s Studio® is 3D structural analysis software for the determination of the non-linear behaviour of structures using continuous plate element analysis. Designed to meet the latest civil engineering standards for the construction of bridges and highways, Engineer’s Studio® enables shear strength and curvature verification as a test for the dynamic analysis on structures including material specifications related to load bearing, resilience and seismic influences.

A modular software system, Engineer’s Studio® is widely used by engineers working in some of the world’s earthquake-prone regions to define structures, materials, and loads for planar and spatial structural systems consisting of plates, walls, shells. With an extensive range of plugin modules available, Engineer’s Studio® enables structural engineers to create designs for combined structures as well as model solid and contact elements for large-scale buildings, bridges and tunnels capable of withstanding extreme seismic activity.


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