In 2013, TCPIL built the team as a value-added application software distribution team specializing and well trained to handle high end technology verticals and became the leading Value-Added Distribution house in India for marketing & distributing technology products.
Who we are


MIDAS hold the world's top technology in the core engineering analysis fields such as computer graphics simulation, advanced analysis, and optimal design. MIDASoft Family Programs have been applied to all the engineering and industrial applications for the safety and economic feasibility analysis and they hold the largest market share in the world's construction field. MIDASoft has the vision to grow as the global engineering solution developer and distributor. MIDASoft will continuously devote itself to create the standard technology of the world.

MIDASoft always advances in the right direction to do the right things right. Mission is to provide the world with utilitarian values that support human pursuit of happiness with our creative technology.

Engineers from HDR, Tutor Perini, and GM2 explain their experience with MIDASoft including how they applied the software for engineering practices. The engineers also explain how MIDASoft was able to provide first-rate technical support which not only answered their queries but also provided opportunities for them to learn based on their needs.