In 2013, TCPIL built the team as a value-added application software distribution team specializing and well trained to handle high end technology verticals and became the leading Value-Added Distribution house in India for marketing & distributing technology products.
Who we are


Optum CE develops fast, user-friendly software for design of Geotech and Concrete structures. The software is developed with focus on providing advanced FE analysis packages, but at the same time making the tools are accessible for engineering practitioners including structural engineers, contractors and building companies. Advanced design solutions made accessible for engineering practitioners. Optum CE in a nutshell: Simply Advanced

To provide engineering practitioners with advanced user-friendly software solutions – increasing efficiency while at the same delivering safer, more economical and sustainable structures. To develop software solutions that help engineers and architects realise their full creative potential.

We have users all over the world and in some of most well known Universities. We always do all we can to make sure our users are happy and getting the most out of the software.

  Key Products